Happy Birthday Sticker Countdown

Happy Birthday Sticker Countdown

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Super fun 10-day Birthday Countdown Wall Calendar. Under each numbered flap you'll find a sheet of sparkly collectible Pipstickers AND a fun creative prompt. Perfect for ages 3-100!  Includes:

  • 8 sheets of super special stickers
  • 2 holographic vinyl stickers
  • 1 Big Puffy sticker

Personalize your calendar with the stickers inside and add other personal touches (photos, doodles, decorations) to make it your own... When your birthday arrives, you'll have a time capsule to keep for years to come!


Open: 11" x 25.5"

Closed: 11" x 15 3/8"

*All stickers included in the Happy Birthday Countdown Calendar are unique to the product and will not be used in any other products or subscription sticker packs.